Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer field crew is here!

We always have a larger field crew for the summer field season, and each year I get excited about the influx of new EBL'ers. This year, we might have the largest crew yet- a total of 13, if I count myself. We have some old pros still out there: Lizzie (post-doc), Evan (grad student), Tony (field tech), Erin (intern), and Lauren (former intern, current logistics guru). In addition, we have a bunch of new blood: REU's Steve Pillman (University of Guam undergrad) and Allie Schaich (Rice University undergrad), Nadya Muchoney (recent grad from Boston/VA) and Kenji Tomari (recent grad from CA) doing frugivory observations, RET's Ben Seman- a middle school science teacher on Saipan- and Greg Ecle- a Chamorro language and culture teacher at Southern High on Guam, and new field tech Christiana Quinata- a Guam native and recent grad from Regis College in CO.

Greg and Christiana had their first partial day in the field today. We went to Anao Conservation Area, and checked out some ongoing experiments there. Here's a pic from the field for your enjoyment.