Friday, June 28, 2019

Monitor Lizard bombarded by a Kingfisher

EBL Biologist Zia Crytser documented this interesting interaction on Rota between a Monitor Lizard (Veranus indicus) and a Kingfisher.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

New EBL Members this Summer!

The EBL team is excited to welcome 5 members to the team this summer!
Jerilyn Calaor is a PhD student at Iowa State University (ISU) who is currently studying food web dynamics on the Mariana Islands.

Adelynn-Renee Roces is an undergraduate student with Northern Arizona University. She enjoys being out in nature and is interested in working in plant ecology.

Joanna Scott finished her BS with University of Guam and is pursuing her interest with conservation of Guam's flora and fauna by working with EBL.

Jillian Kurovski is an undergraduate student with ISU. Her passion is working with arthropods and she is working on spider diversity in the Marianas.

Juan-Carlos Mungaray recently finished his BS with ISU and will be working with Mariana fruit bats on Rota. He is excited about the opportunity to further his skills in vertebrate ecology.