Monday, May 1, 2023

Job announcement: Pollination Ecology Crew Leader

We are hiring a pollination ecology crew leader! In our pollination project, we are using multiple techniques to assemble plant-pollinator networks, including collecting pollen from birds, lizards, and insects and fecal samples from bats then using DNA metabarcoding to identify the plant species, collecting flowers and using metabarcoding to identify floral visitors, and observing pollination directly using visual surveys and camera traps. In addition, we are conducting pollination experiments to determine each plant species’ dependence on pollinators for seed set. Finally, we are working with local high schools on Guåhan, Luta, and Saipan through classroom presentations, field trips, after-school programs, and summer research experiences. 

The Pollination Ecology Crew Leader will be responsible for co-developing protocols, collecting field data, hiring and managing field staff, entering and managing data, overseeing our field infrastructure (houses, vehicles, etc.), and participating in or leading K-12 education activities. There will also be opportunities for participating in data analysis and manuscript writing.

See the jobs tab for more details. 

Såli Census 2023

In mid-March, the EBL field crew finished a census of the Såli population on Andersen Air Force Base in Yigo, Guam. This is an intensive effort that involves 3 full week-long counts of the population, plus additional counts of surrounding forest and village areas. We count all the birds we see, but focus especially on color-banded birds to get the most precise count possible. We are interested in both the size and the demography of the population (how many birds in each age class - lots of juveniles and subadults in these). In 2018 we estimated around 1,500 Såli in the population. Stay tuned to fined out the results of this year's count!  📷 by Martin Kastner

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

RIP Tinamou

Our crew has been tracking fledgling Såli around Andersen Air Force Base to see whether they survive the gauntlet of snakes and cats, and the general challenges of growing up. The team puts radio transmitters on the birds so they can find them wherever they fly. Today, they tracked the signal for Tinamou to a tree, and found that it was in the belly of a snake. Tinamou fledged on the 22nd of July and survived almost 2 weeks in the wild. Rest in peace, Tinamou. Thanks to CareyJo Titus for the photos. 

EBL Zoom Reunion!

We had our first Virtual EBL reunion on Zoom earlier this week, with attendees spanning the EBL eras from 2008 (Kaylyn Bautista) to our current crew and grad students, zooming in from Guam, Australia, Washington, Oregon, North Carolina, Alaska, Utah, Florida, and Iowa. It's so exciting to see what everyone has been up to since their EBL days! 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Welcome New EBL Field Crew Members!

The EBL team would like to welcome its 3 newest members. We are excited to welcome all of them to the team!

Kayla Baker is the new Lead Field Biologist coming from a background focused on anthropogenic disturbance effects on birds.

CareyJo Titus is a new Biologist on the team with a background in ornithology including extensive work with Loggerhead Shrikes.

Tomona Lapitan is also a new Biologist on the team from University of Guam. She has a strong interest in becoming a Veterinarian and is excited about the opportunity to work with the EBL team.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Camera Trap Videos from Rota!

EBL Postdoc Hernani has been camera trapping on Rota for a few weeks trying to get Fanihi eating fruits on camera. We are still working on getting Fanihi on camera but we have had some other creatures visit fruiting trees we are recording including rodents, birds, and even geckos. Below are some links to videos of the different animals eating fruits on Rota!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

EBL is hiring an Avian Field Crew Leader and Technicians!

We are hiring a field crew leader and field technicians to join a Guam-based team with The Ecology of Bird Loss Project and Iowa State University (in the lab of Haldre Rogers) beginning in September 2019 working with Såli (Micronesian Starlings). 
Look at the jobs tab for further details and information for how to apply!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Mariana Fruit Bat Project on Rota

The EBL team is working on a project concerning gut passage time of seeds with the Marianas Fruit Bat on Rota. The project requires monitoring bats in the wild and taking care of a plant nursery where gut passed seeds are planted. Photos from Zia Crytser.

Bats roosting.

EBL Biologist, Juan Mungaray, watering the nursery.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Monitor Lizard bombarded by a Kingfisher

EBL Biologist Zia Crytser documented this interesting interaction on Rota between a Monitor Lizard (Veranus indicus) and a Kingfisher.