Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Student post: Brad Wells - Tuesday, December 30 (Day 2)

From Haldre: 
Day two of the course consisted of lectures on Ecology and Economics (Dr. Fred De Torres- Northern Marianas College), Ecology of Bird Loss (me), and several exercises to help students develop potential research questions. After this, the students and instructors each proposed one to several research questions, which were posted on the board. Then, students signed up for their top five questions, and Ross, Evan and I sorted them into their groups. We unveiled the groups and the projects officially began after lunch! We have five research projects, with 2-3 people in each group. We'll post more details about these projects over the next 2 1/2 weeks. For now, check out University of Guam Marine Lab student, Brad Well's thoughts and pictures from the course, below. 

Brad Wells

Roughly 20 days ago I was not sure I wanted to join the EBL Island Ecology course. I thought it might be a bit more intensive than I would like, but a course alumnus changed my mind. Having just finished day 2, I have found that the course is much more intensive than I anticipated, but much more rewarding than I imagined. The best part has been the opportunity to experience Saipan. The wildlife and the views here are incredible, but the lectures and field work have also been invaluable. We will be visiting Tinian on Friday, and completing group research projects within the next two weeks. It was definitely a good choice to participate.  

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