Thursday, March 9, 2017

New paper out today!

This study has been long in the making, but is finally here! We describe the impact of frugivorous bird loss on seed dispersal and recruitment in two forest tree species. This is my favorite figure from the paper, thanks to collaborator, Eric Buhle.
Figure 3 | Dispersal across the landscape. Seed dispersal kernels of (a) Psychotria and (b) Premna on Guam as compared with three nearby islands where forest birds are present. The fitted kernel models were used to predict seed rain in a hypothetical forest plot. Panels c,d depict seed rain in forests with frugivores, and panes e,f depict seed rain in forests without frugivores. Shading indicates the mean seed density (seeds m - 2, note logarithmic scale) arriving at each location on the forest floor. Circles indicate crowns of conspecific adult trees.

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