Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Team Vines: Marie Auyong

Delayed post: 25 May 2018

Håfa adai! My name is Marie and my group is interested in vines in karst forests in Saipan and Guam. For our research, we’re collecting data about vine species and their abundance. We are also looking at how vines cover trees in the forests and how coverage might affect overall tree health.

Today is the second day we’ve visited our first sample site, Marpi. We also visited our second sample site, Laderan Tanke. I really appreciate the sharp observational skills of my teammates Bruno, Eugene, and Nacio, because they found this:

As someone from Guam, a (mostly) birdless island, it was a pleasant surprise.

Do you know what kind of bird builds this nest? I’d love to be able to share with students on Guam! We have four public elementary schools that have a bird as their mascot.

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