Saturday, January 3, 2015

Student post: Carey Demapan - Tinian - Friday, Jan 2 (Day 5)

Hafa Adai & Tirow! 

Located about just 3 miles southwest  of Saipan, we visited the beautiful island of Tinian! We began our day early, flying under Star Marianas using cessna planes to transport multiple groups of 5 over to the island. We visited approximately 13 sites which are the Radio Communication Building, Japanese Caves Forest, Chiget Forest, Shinto Shrine, Chulu Beach, Runway Able, Blow Hole, North Field, Atomic Bomb Loading Pit, Mount Lasu Shrine,  House of Taga, Limestone Forest Trail, Tinian Dynasty, and ending our day with a refreshing swim at Taga Beach. We did many activities like birding, sight seeing, hiking, and saw first hand many of the traps set up to monitor invasive species like the brown tree snake and the coconut rhino beetle. From their blue waters to breathtaking sights, I think Tinian is a wonderful place to get back in tune with nature. I must say this was an awesome experience to start off the new year! 

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