Friday, January 16, 2015

Student post: Daime Rivera, Monday, January 12

Daime Rivera is a student at Northern Marianas College. 

Today we started off our morning with Dr. Frank Camacho from the University of Guam. We went down south to see the fresh water streams.  Going down the hike was alright, the only part I hated was the sharp grass than made me have cuts on my legs. Once we reached down the hike and I saw the stream i was amazed because it was beautiful to me plus it was my first time to see a fresh water stream. Then we went down to see the other part of the stream, this stream was deep enough to see some fresh water creatures. I was also able to touch the fresh water, it was really cold and felt so good! I definitely loved experience I got with Dr. Frank Camacho.          
Later in the afternoon my group mates Joma and Jaydylee and other groups started to work on our first draft of our paper. My group first started out not knowing what to do, but when we separated the parts of the paper and gave a little sprinkle of teamwork, we were able to finish our project way before the deadline. Oh! Evan was able to help us with R so we could understand our results much better. Go  Evan and team Flower Power! I am so sad that this course will be over in three days.

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