Monday, January 12, 2015

Student post: Max Garcia, Sunday, January 11

Frincess "Max" Garcia is a student at Northern Marianas College.

It is our last Sunday with the Island Ecology course and like our previous Sunday, the hosting island will prepare a little something for the class. This time it it's Guam's turn. We were given some time to sleep-in in the morning from our field work and data collection. The Guam students secured a private beach in Ipan. The weather was really windy and cloudy upon arrival at noon. Food prepared by the hosts were chicken and pork belly BBQ,  red rice, coleslaw, poke, cookies, and brownies. We played football and also took a dip in the waters despite the choppy waters. The group started going their separate ways around 3pm and we had the rest of the day off. Overall it was a relaxing and fun-filled day and a good breather from what will be several busy days ahead.

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